A group of companies "AGROMIR" is a number of enterprises that carry out activity connected with development, production and distribution of healthy food and vegetables. Our product range includes neat juices and nectars, juice concentrates, fruit and vegetable pastes and purees, grape-winery products, and canned fruit and vegetables.

In high-growth, highly competitive market, the Group of Companies «AGROMIR» is continuing to hold the position of the most dynamically developing company in the industry. Our objectives include active development of our business, introduction of original flavors through new juice and canned food product lines, as well as further strengthening of our position in the market of FMCG sector in Uzbekistan.

Our success in the market is the result of an integrated approach to the company management, including a competent marketing policy in respect with company's brands, high product quality, well-arranged distribution channels, innovative company development, improvement of production processes, development of new products, and the use of advanced technology.

One of the important peculiarities of "AGROMIR" is its closed production cycle that includes all the stages of the process - from procurement of raw materials to sale of a finished product.

The result of this approach is that according to the research data the Group of companies "AGROMIR" is a market leader in the Republic of Uzbekistan and its sales share in the juice category accounts for about 46%.

The Company’s main priority is always the consumer, and we do our best to regularly develop innovative products that contribute to the development of not only the Company, but also the industry as a whole, making consumer’s daily diet as healthy as possible.