A group of companies «AGROMIR» follows the principles of corporate governance, which guide the world's largest corporations. Relations within the company are built on the principles of transparency and openness of information, implementing a strategic voluntary association of legal entities with the aim of protecting and representing common interests, as well as coordinating their activities.

In order to ensure sales to the domestic market, there is a grand structure consisting of both AGROMIR employees and the largest distributors of the country. Leadership in the market and the quality of products induced us not to stop on the achieved, but to start the export of concentrates since 2005, and the export of juices to the markets of different countries since 2008.

Export allowed to ensure the recognition of «AGROMIR» company trademarks abroad. Concentrates are purchased by large, well-known manufacturing plants that produce juice products from quality raw materials. Ready-made juices are bought by partners with whom «AGROMIR» has been cooperating for many years, that's why consumers recognize our product and choose it according to taste criteria among the whole variety of juice racks presented. Marinades and conservation are also in demand in the markets of different countries. They hold substantial positions in their category due to the high quality of vegetables and unique cooking recipes.  

Distribution programs of the company’s products are accompanied by active marketing support of products and advertising campaigns. Non-standard and innovative approach to product promotion is the key to success in a highly competitive market.