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Our product meets the international standards and is made from qualitative raw materials.

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A group of companies «AGROMIR» is a number of enterprises that carry out activity connected with development, production and distribution of healthy food and vegetables.
Our product range includes neat juices and nectars, juice concentrates, fruit and vegetable pastes and purees, grape-winery products, and canned fruit and vegetables.

In high-growth, highly competitive market, the Group of Companies «AGROMIR» is continuing to hold the position of the most dynamically developing company in the industry. Our objectives include active development of our business, introduction of original flavors through new juice and canned food product lines, as well as further strengthening of our position in the market of FMCG sector in Uzbekistan.

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Our product is being exported around the world

A group of companies «AGROMIR» follows the principles of corporate governance, which guide the world's largest corporations. Relations within the company are built on the principles of transparency and openness of information.

The structure of Agromir

A group of companies «AGROMIR»
  • JV Agromir Chust LLC

    Olmos street,

    Chust town,

    Namangan region,

    Republic of Uzbekistan

    Phone: +998 (91) 354-0071

    JV Agromir Chust LLC
  • JV Agromir Adas LLC

    Shopulot village,

    Taylak district,

    Samarkand region,

    Republic of Uzbekistan

    Phone: +998 (366) 666-57-84, 

    +998 (366) 224-64-29

    JV Agromir Adas LLC
  • JV Agromir-Bukhara LLC

    Taligandum area,

    "Rabot Kalmok" village,

    Bukhara region,

    Bukhara district,

    Republic of Uzbekistan

    Phone: +998 (595) 600-79-16

    JV Agromir-Bukhara LLC
  • JV Agromir-Zarkent LLC

    Zarkent village,

    Parkent district,

    Tashkent region,

    Republic of Uzbekistan

    Phone: +998 (70) 723-41-93, 

    +998 (93) 550-91-01

    JV Agromir-Zarkent LLC
  • JV Agromir-Kitab LLC

    Bogbon village,

    Kitab district,

    Kashkadaya region,

    Republic of Uzbekistan

    Phone: +998 (97) 799-2125

    JV Agromir-Kitab LLC
  • Gazalkent Meva LLC

    Amir Temur str.,

    Gazalkent city,

    Bostanlik district,

    Tashkent region,

    Republic of Uzbekistan

    Phone: +998 (70) 742-84-47

    Gazalkent Meva LLC
  • JV Agromir LLC

    Gulabad village,

    Samarkand district,

    Samarkand region,

    Republic of Uzbekistan

    Phone:  +998 (90) 155-01-10

    JV Agromir LLC
  • JV Greenup Trading LLC

    60, Amir Temur street,

    Yunusabad district,

    Tashkent city,

    The Republic of Uzbekistan

    Tel: +998 (78) 140-55-02

    JV Greenup Trading LLC
A group of companies «AGROMIR» consists of groups of industrial enterprises as well as company groups on distribution, logistics and marketing services organization.