Was born in 1989, now 28 years old. In 2007 she finished 11 classes of the economic school No. 166. Following to this she immediately started working as a Merchandiser in the coffee sales company «MacCoffee», but after a year of work in the company she induced in the staff reduction and then settled in the tea sales company "Toshkent Choyi" as a Merchandiser too. After working in that company for about a year, she went on maternity leave. Eight months after the birth of her child, she decided to seek for a workplace with more attractive working conditions.

Reliability, stability and career opportunities were her priorities in choosing a workplace. Thus, in 2011 on the site torg.uz she found an announcement about a set of merchandisers to Agromir company. She passed an interview in the HR department and was accepted as a Merchandiser. She knew the principles of the merchandiser's work , nevertheless, at Agromir she passed a professional training on DSPM (training on the provision of goods to outlets, distribution, pricing, shelving, merchandising, etc.). Her professional knowledge allowed to move to the next professional level. And from July 2011 she started working as a sales representative in the HoReCa team. It was the beginning of a new stage in her work activity, and surely, new tasks confused her, but it was interesting and exciting to fight for the best performance. And also such trainings on sales as «Seven steps of the visit», «Knowledge of the client», «Format of persuasive sales» were very useful for work.

Thus, she successfully transfered to the work as the Sales Representative and during five years she tried to be the best in her team. Next, she was appointed as the Team Leader, not only fulfilling her goals and tasks, but also helping the whole team to achieve their goals. In June 2017, her candidacy was approved for the position of Supervisor to the PS1 team. Of course, this is a big responsibility regarding the team, and the whole company, but this is even a greater incentive for her to move forward.

I love my Agromir!